Monday, July 15, 2013

a quick catch up

Coming up with a title for this post was a little ridiculous, I am ashamed for my lack of posting and just want to forget completely that it has been close to a year since my last post, so if you can forget it, so can I..... MOVING ON.
This past weekend we had the privilege to go up to Kanab UT and spend some time with all the Reidhead family.  Jeff's grandparents were celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary, SEVENTY years!!! What an accomplishment!  I asked them what the secret was, and Grandpa said to me while laughing, 'she says jump and I say how high?' and sweet Grandma chimes in and said, 'sometimes I don't even have to say it.. he just does it' and they both giggled to each other.  I have heard many of the older generation say that, and it just cracks me up- because its kinda true, I can't think of a time when Jeff followed my advice and things went badly, haha TOTALLY kidding!  But we do get along SO much better when he does follow my advice, and if it turns out badly- well we continue to get along so well when he doesn't point it out.... :)
  On our way home from Kanab we were making such good time, and I was loving that my kids were being good, it was actually quite a peaceful drive.  I was able to climb to the back of the van with a smile on my face anytime my kids dropped things (jax and his hat, toy car, spoon) you name it, I was in a good mood we were making good time.  Then we got into Flagstaff, found out an accident had happened up a ways on I-17, we thought a little wait won't be so bad.... yea.... it was bad.  When we were in the thick of it we had only gone 10 miles in 3 hours- the smile on my face was GONE.  But it amazed me how Jeff just knew where to pick up when I could not smile ONE more time for my kids.  My patient demeanor was replaced with short, harsh tones.  I just figured, 'if you can't say nothing nice, don't say nothing at all'  so I got quiet, and prayed we would get home, so Kelsea would stop screaming, and Kloey could FINALLY go to the bathroom, and Jax could get unbuckled (Klaire was actually being really good, just hungry)  Jeff was so good with them, had them counting as high as they all could go, singing with them, and getting them all calmed down.  It just made me really think, that is what makes a marriage work, knowing when to pick up when the other person just can't, helping each other along the way.  Its all about being selfless.  I know Jeff's grandparents sacrificed so much for each other throughout their marriage, I know mine did too, and so have my parents and Jeff's parents-  no marriage is perfect, and it certainly is work to make it to 70 years.  I am just so thankful I have the perfect partner to help me keep going!  
  This summer already is passing too quickly, we have been up to Snowflake quite a bit, and plan on going again next week for the 24th celebrations.  My family is doing a Roosevelt trip this weekend, and Mexico in a couple weeks, and then school starts.  Klaire is so excited to start Kindergarten, and Kloey can't wait to show Klaire the ropes.  They are too funny together.  Kloey is honestly the best big sister, I am glad Klaire has Kloey to look out for her.   
....  Funny story about Kloey.  So I waited to potty train Jax until he turned 3 (late I know) but I wasn't ready, and he was SOOOO easy! anyway so I would remind in throughout the day, 'Jax don't pee on spiderman/superman/batman (who-ever he was wearing on his underwear that day) you will make them so sad'  and sure enough that kid was not about to make his super hero's sad.  Kloey was helping him get dressed for church, and he wears his White underwear to church, but on the rim of his underwear he had baseballs, basketballs and soccer balls..... so I over hear Kloey say to Jax, in the sweetest voice, 'Ok Jax, don't go pee pee in your underwear it will make your balls really sad' HAHA- I just about died.  Just love my sweet Kloey!
  Jaxon has the cutest lisp when he talks, I know he will grow out of it, but it sure makes for some cute things he says right now, like, the other day when he was approaching Kelsea and says, 'HEY KEoulS, wanna go to bad guy skool- I gotta a bucket of BoMBZ.' or when we were at church with my parents and he wanted to go sit with my Dad, and he says in a really loud whisper, 'I wanna sit by Granpa- because I LOVE HIM' too many cute sayings.
  Kelsea is kinda in a ruff stage right now, she gets really frustrated that we don't understand ALL of her jibberish, she retaliates in a HIGH pitch ear piercing death scream, its awesome. What we do understand is so cute, she loves to say 'I LOVE YOU TOO' and after hitting, she has learned to hug and say, 'I so Sorry' now if we could just teach her to NOT hit, I might feel like a better Mom.
 Here are a few pic of the reunion; Carnival games

 Dress Up Booth
 He wasn't so sure about dressing up at first....

 Now for the start of our drive home, so beautiful

 My other view when I wasn't looking out my window, I think I like this view better :)
 cute little munchkins watching Narnia
 and Miss got a decent family photo, woohoo!
I love Kanab, it is a beautiful place!
We did get a picture with Grandpa and Grandma at their 70th anniversary party, but its on Jeff's phone, I will post it when I get it.



Braden and Cheri said...

I am amazed at how much Kelsea looks JUST like Kloey!! WOW. So good to get an update! You have a beautiful family!! Where are you now?