Thursday, August 08, 2013

School is COOL!

I am thankful school is back in session, I like structure, bedtimes and a nice regular routine.  It has been such a fun summer- lots of traveling, cousin time, cooler weather in Snowflake- all around exhausting (in a good way).
Kloey and Klaire started school yesterday and it has been SO exciting for them!  Kloey is really teaching Klaire about all the rules at school- how to raise your hand before talking, don't run in the halls... you know all the important stuff.  Kloey is such a smart girl and loves to help.  This is Klaire's first year attending any type of structured school.  I am a little nervous for her because it is FULL day Kindergarten.  She is beyond excited to go and LOVED every bit of it yesterday.  I know she will do great, she might get a little tired, but that's expected. 
Jeff made the comment to me the other day, 'it's going to be so weird to have 2 in school, what are you going to do..?' (like I have so much free time now.... I still have 2 at home, and they are the hardest... AND i'm loosing my helpers....!!) WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! Jax and Kels are trouble makers- I'm a little nervous.  But so far so good (its only been a day HA) Time will tell.
I love my sweet girls and I will miss them, but I am so thankful they have a great school to go to and wonderful teachers!